Pazo de Montesacro, actual Residencia de Ancianos

Our facilities are located in Sisan, Pontevedra. Montesacro was founded over a quarter century by Jose Antonio Trigo Sineiro, being a winery pioneer in developing the Albariño Rias Baixas. This business career began as intermediary of seafood, which led to the acquisition of his first property of albariño, in the high Salnés Valley, an area of ancient winemaking tradition. Taking advantage the local knowledge, Montesacro borns in 1975 as a cellar craft production and local distribution in the best restaurants in the place.

With the popularity that gave him the same restaurants, it led in a rapid growth of the winery and in the middle of 90s you could find this wine in almost all Spain

Without forgetting his philosophy and proximity, we opted for the introduction of modern winemaking processes and innovative direction. Currently Montesacro is based on the reliability of its products and a young team with an international vocation